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We take calls 24/7. If you have an emergency, and require immediate assistance, we recommend you call, rather than use email.

Our Service Technicians and Account Managers are mobile, and work in the field; local to our clients throughout California. We can often be on site within an hour of your call.


Commercial Doors

Overhead Doors

Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors are commercial doors built for long life and superior strength. Whether your need is a door with high wind requirements or a more economically feasible solution, we have a sectional door solution for you.

Roll Up Doors

Roll Up Doors are available in both sheet door and slat door design, and can be configured in various thicknesses with curved or straight slats. Built to order to meet your specifications, we have roll up door solution to satisfy your industrial or commercial need.

Insulated Doors

Our top quality Insulated Doors come in a variety of R-ratings to beest fit your insulating requirements and energy efficiency demands. With specialized joint and edge seals, every inch of our insulated door design is engineered to maximize insulating effectiveness.

Aluminum Doors

Our Aluminum Doors are light provide excellent warehouse operation support.

Parking / Grill Doors

Our Parking Doors deliver high quality operation and security to your parking facility. High duty cycle components provide maximum, long lasting performance.

Fire Doors

Fire Doors are specifically engineered products built to maintain firewall rating integrity and to provide safety and fire protection in industrial and commercial facilities. They are automatically triggered to close to reduce the advancement of fire between established zones within a building. We service, sell and conduct fire door drop tests that meet nfpa 80 annual requirements.

Rolling steel fire doors are designed to close and seal an area when there is the presence of smoke to fire, to stop the spread from one area to another. Fire doors can be operated manually or with a motor operator. Fire doors can also operate as a regular service door even with a Fire door Classification.

Glass Entrance Doors

Glass entrance doors can be configured to fit many openings from storefronts to back warehouses. They can also be fitted with many security access options. Glass doors are available with wood or aluminum framing. Frameless doors are also available when cosmetic appeal is a preference. These doors come with any type of hardware from standard handles and closers to automated closers access controls and custom handles. There is also hardware available for high traffic entrances or where wind is a factor.

Storefront Doors

Storefront doors are some of the most utilized doors around. This means they often need service to keep them operating, locking and looking like a new.

Man Doors

Interior and exterior man doors, often called personnel doors or pedestrian doors, are another specialty of ours. We provide repair service, replacement service as well as new doors for new buildings and new tenant build-outs.

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