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We take calls 24/7. If you have an emergency, and require immediate assistance, we recommend you call, rather than use email.

Our Service Technicians and Account Managers are mobile, and work in the field; local to our clients throughout California. We can often be on site within an hour of your call.


Warehouse Equipment

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans come in big and small sizes depending on your need. Whether your need is in a warehouse, distribution center, food storage area, loading dock or a large retail environment, we have a fan that will provide comfort and increase employee productivity while reducing your energy bills.

Big Fans - HVLS Fans

High Volume Low Speed Fans (HVLS), also known as Big Fans, are a great way to move a lot of air without using a lot of energy. As large as 24 feet in diameter, HVLS ceiling fans create a large column of air that flows down to the floor and then outward in all directions. The effect is a massive volume air circulation for warehouses, food storage areas, large retail environments, loading docks and distribution centers. We also have wall mount industrial big fans for when ceiling positioning is difficult. The use of a large industrial ceiling fans like th HVLS results in more consistent temperature control in colder months and warmer months alike, when HVAC use is at its greatest. In the summer months, these big fans alone can reduce the ambient temperature by up to 8 degrees. And in winter months, they help to push warmed air back to the floor instead of allowing it to rise where it is usually least useful. The bottom line is that large warehouse fans like the HVLS fan keep your environment more comfortable, can increase the productivity of your employees and minimizes your energy costs. Contact us today for free analysis of your environment and how HVLS fans ca be the solution you need.

Solar-Powered Fans

Solar-powered HVLS fans allow you to use the energy of the sun to manage the cooling needs in your warehouse and other industrial or commercial facilities. By taking the low power needs of the High Volume Low Speed fan and adding the environmental benefits of solar power, you will have a renewable energy cooling solution that operates exactly when you need it to - during business hours when the sun is out. It can also operate at night under battery or direct electrical connection. The solar-powered HVLS is ideally suited for food storage, temperature controlled environments, and energy-conscious green facilities. It also contributes to LEED certification credits. Contact us to learn more about the Solor-powered HVLS fans.

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